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The Hynafol Castle Series

A castle sits at the edge of a dark and dangerous forest, thought by most to be ruinous, a place of old now haunted by wicked spirits...

Inside of a Castle

A religious organization called the Ancient Ones rule over the land of Heimurinn with an iron fist. They follow Melagis, a god of order, who preaches that all flaws and imperfections must be eradicated before true harmony and peace can be achieved... 

The country of Ukjenta is thought to be a dark and dangerous land, full of monsters and wicked misfits that rebelled against Melagis and the Ancient Ones, refusing to seek to better themselves, and so they live in their isolated country, guarded by mountains, raging rivers, and thick forests. No one dares to approach its border, even if they could cross the dangerous natural boundaries, why would they enter the land of horrors?  

And yet, nothing is as it seems... Not the castle, not the Ancient Ones, nor Ukjenta. And as the battle for perfection grows in intensity, ordinary and flawed people from Heimurinn will find themselves discovering the secrets that the castle keeps... whether they like it or not.

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