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If you are wondering what books I am planning on writing and releasing on in the future, this is the page for you. Here is my current publishing plan. Be sure to check in frequently as things are subject to change, especially as time goes on and I am able to get more precise on dates when things get closer to being finished!

Upcoming Books:

Hynafol Castle - Book 2: A Town Without Time - Releases Jan. 22nd 2021

A Stand-alone steampunk novel (Code name Project Music Box): In First Draft stages (Pride & Prejudice meets Jane Eyre in a steampunk world)

Hynafol Castle - Book 3: 2021 (Code name Project Outlaw) {In writing}

Hynafol Castle - Book 4: 2021 (Code name Dumb & Ugly) {In Plotting}

*New Episodic Series* Knights of Aconite - Season One 

Blue Bird - Book 2: TBD (Code Name Project Chains)

Status of Series:

I currently have 13 books planned for Hynafol Castle. 2 of which are published.

I currently have 3 more books planned for the Blue Bird Series, but with that series being so flexible, I can easily see more being added to that.

Unfortunately at this time, I have decided to discontinue the Willow Tree Series and allow Riches and Glory to just be standalone.  

Coming Soon!

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