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My Story

Many greetings, friend. My name is Abigail Ford & you have the warmest of welcomes to my home in the land of the world wide web. I am an artist, bringing the wondrous worlds in my mind to your imagination. My favorite genre to write is fantasy, anything that inspires awe and wonder. I really love symbolism and the psychology of characters.


I wrote my first complete piece of fiction at seven years of age; the love between us was instantaneous.  I continued in my pursuit of the art & published my first book at the age of fifteen. That book is Riches & Glory, which you may still purchase today. I then published a second story at the age of seventeen, which is Brood of Vipers, likewise still available. There are many times I feel shamefaced due to these youthful scribblings, but I do not regret them. I believe an exhibition of my journey may prove valuable to other writers, the young ones in particular. Everyone must begin somewhere.

I endeavor to help others with my craft, within my storytelling itself, as well as using my knowledge and experience to assist other writers with their own writing, which I attempt to do with my youtube videos which document my journey.

I very much enjoy the practice of dreaming, which seems foolish to some, but I believe is of great consequence. I also believe my family & my faith to be of extreme importance, & weave these themes throughout my writings. After all, I believe Jesus is King.

If you might relish joining me in my storytelling journey, I would ask this of you: to unite with me by kindly supplying me with your electronic mailing address, that I may correspond with you through virtual letters. 

May Grace and Peace be with you,

Your friend, Abigail

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