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The Blue Bird Series

Spooky Forest

Something lurks in the shadows of our world, playing games with people's minds without them even knowing... 

Dangerous creatures, each with their own set of powers that reflect their desires for humanity...

But certain people in certain places at certain times can see past the dimensional wall that keeps these creatures hidden, unveiling the wicked beasts and their plans for the world. It is up to them to face down the forces of darkness and discover what humanity is and how we are so easily manipulated. And yet, light seems so soft and gentle when compared to the sharpened daggers of darkness...  

A bluebird swoops in with a song, but how can musical wisdom defeat bloodthirsty demons that have come to kill, steal, and destroy? And furthermore, how can humans get out of their own way long enough to wield any weapons the wisdom might offer? 

The shadows whisper and the light sings, but who knows what is within the silence that is in between?

Book 1, Brood of Vipers Available Now:

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